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Clean Nail Art

1.Clean dirt from under your nails.
2.Wash your hands.
3.Soak your nails in a bowl of warm ,soapy water for about three minutes.
4.Use a nail brush to scrub the tops.
5.Remove nail polish ,If Necessary.
6.Wash your Hands again.

Hair Styling

1.Choose your curlers.
2.Wash your hair and conditioning as well.
3.Prepare hair for setting with a styling product.
4.Section your hair for easy styling.
5.Fill a spray bottle with water and keep the hair wet as you are rolling it.

Full Body Massage

1. Effleurage : stroking movement.
2.Petrissage: compression movement :picking wringing,skin rolling.
3.Tapotement: Percussion movement hacking, cupping , pounding, beating.

Fully Equipped Spa

1.Smooth skin requires exfoliation.
2.Switch up sunscreen.
3.Replenish cold weather skincare.
4.Don't forget the face wash.
5.Protect the area around your eyes.

Fully Stocked Cosmetic Store

4.Face Powder.
6.Neutral eye shadow.
7.Eye liner.

Botox & Filler

9 Ways to make your Botox and Fillers Last Longer.
1.Get treatments regularly.
2.Don't get to much Botox.
3.Schedule before it wears off.
4.Dosage Matters.
5.Sunblock is Key.
6.Keep up with skin care.
7.Supplement with zinc.
8.Avoid being critical.
9.Don't stress.